Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Is Obama Appointing a Nuclear Industry Flak to "Regulate" Nuclear Power & Yucca Mountain?

Is President Obama sending mixed messages again? This bit of news isn't assuaging fears that the Yucca Mountain project isn't really dead.

Anti-nuclear groups are fighting the Obama administration’s nomination of a pro-Yucca Mountain nuclear industry insider to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

On Oct. 9, President Barack Obama nominated Bill Magwood to the commission, which is charged with regulating and licensing all civilian use of nuclear materials, including the stalled nuclear waste dump proposed for 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Critics of the choice say Magwood has a history of nuclear boosterism that is incompatible with the role of a regulator. He also has repeatedly been quoted as saying Yucca Mountain is the best solution to the nation’s nuclear waste storage issues, most recently in May.

President Obama and Senator Reid are promising us that Bill Magwood is a "changed man" who won't allow nuclear waste to be stored at Yucca Mountain, and perhaps they're right. I just don't see why Obama would even take the risk of nominating such a big nuclear booster as Magwood to this position.

And honestly, I don't know why Obama still thinks nuclear power is "clean" or "safe". Listen to a real expert who knows the real dangers of nuclear power:

Obviously, nuclear power isn't as safe as industry spokespeople claim it is. In fact, it can ultimately prove to be quite deadly.

But you know what's even worse? Contrary to claims that nuclear power is "clean" and "green", it really isn't. After all, it takes energy to make energy. How again does one split an atom? In reality, hiding behind the "clean" nuclear power are the same old dirty fossil fuels (such as coal and oil) that really make nuclear work.

So why again is Obama appointing some nuclear industry flak to this position? And why is Harry Reid ready to let this guy in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission? Even if he follows through on his promise not to make Yucca Mountain a vast radioactive dump, the fact remains that nuclear power is dangerous to our health, totally environmentally unsustainable, and not a real energy solution for our future.

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