Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ProgressNow to Johnny Casino: Step Down for the Good of the State

I signed, so what are you waiting for?

ProgressNow Nevada

Dear Friends:
When Sen. John Ensign announced he had an affair with the wife of a high-ranking staffer and best friend, we first figured it was a sad, but personal issue, left best to the families.

But Ensign couldn't leave well enough alone. In his arrogant attempt to cover up the issue he tread on the spirit of ethics regulations, and quite possibly, broke some laws.

We're neither judge nor jury. But today we must say enough's enough.

Nevadans are struggling each day with no sign of the so-called national recovery infecting our economy. We lack health care in record numbers; our neighborhoods have been decimated by foreclosure and unemployment continues to put more families in need of safety nets.

Ensign has frequently stood in the way of progress. Now he's standing in the way of himself, hiding from the charges against him and remaining distracted from the critical work Congress must complete this year.

Today he practically ran away from CNN's journalists simply trying to get his response to new allegations raised last week in The New York Times. And today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington supplemented their complaint and fired off a new letter to the FBI.
Enough's enough. Ensign should resign.

Take action now. Sign our online petition urging Nevada's junior senator to step down.


Don't let Ensign's arrogance, which has already ripped apart families and abused the power of his office, stand in the way of progress.
Sign today.


You'll find the video, CREW's letter to the FBI and the petition on the website.


Erin Neff

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