Thursday, October 22, 2009

PCCC's Adam Green, Las Vegas Gleaner, & ProgressNow's Erin Neff Discuss Harry Reid & Health Care on "Face to Face"

In case you missed it, The Sun now has video from last night's "Face to Face With Jon Ralston". I wish I could embed the video here, but the best that was offered was a link.

Basically, Jon Ralston first grilled PCCC's Adam Green over the new ad they put on the air challenging Reid to push as hard as possible for the public option. And after that, Hugh Jackson and Erin Neff argued over what Reid needs to do to ensure a public option is in the Senate health care bill.

All around, it was a great show last night and it hopefully revealed to Nevada that beyond the usual teabagger/birther/deather crap is a real discussion over what people here want Harry Reid to deliver on health care reform.

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