Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is Sue Lowden a Stupid Liar? Or Just Plain Stupid?

OMG, she really went for it! Sue Lowden is so desperate to gain traction as a Senate candidate that she went on slimeball Heidi Harris' radio show and denied ever knowing about the infamous attempted assassination of Harry Reid! WTF??!!

She was a reporter. She was around when it happened. Even The R-J isn't hesitating to dig through its archives and unveil the evidence!

(Courtesy of The R-J)

So we must ask: Is Sue Lowden THAT stupid??!! Did she really think she could get away with this lie and act like it never really happened? Did she actually think that she'd somehow score political points by going along with some hare-brained attempted smear by Heidi Harris of all people?

Keep it klassy, Nevada Republicans!

Oh wait, and it gets better! Miss Sue now looks to have yet another scandal of her own brewing up in Reno.

In a quick recap of the last state [Republican] convention, [Ron] Paul supporters succeeded in winning a rules change that allowed the entire delegation to compete for the 34 national delegate spots. McCain was already the party's presumptive nominee, but Paul supporters thought they might have a shot of ousting him at the national convention. Balloting in the three congressional districts occurred but were counted in only two. With counting still continuing and the at-large delegates yet to be selected, the convention organizers, including Lowden, chairman Bob Beers and McCain consultants decided to abruptly end the convention and reschedule it for another day. The box of ballots from the 2nd Congressional District were never fully counted.

The convention was never rescheduled. The party came up with its own delegates, which included a few Paul supporters. The RNC gave their blessing to the slate and the rest is history.

But some Paul supporters have always wanted to know what was in that box. National Committeewoman Heidi Smith, who has had her own maverick streak and always had an affinity for the Paul supporters, twice asked the Peppermill to search the hotel for the missing box. It was never found.

Earlier this month, however, Smith obtained the key to the safe that contained the ballots at a Republican women's event in Las Vegas. She said the key was given to Lowden, who gave it to Carole Del Carlo, who gave it to Smith.

Last week, Smith went back to the Peppermill with a Paul supporter. They found the safe, which had the box with envelopes full of ballots. Those envelopes are still sealed. They will be opened and counted at Washoe Republican headquarters at 4 p.m. Friday.

"Counting the ballots won't do any good, but at least it will put an end to the fight, I hope," Smith said. "There are some people who will never heal. Some people who will always carry a grudge. But I want them counted. I want it done honestly and then I want everybody to shut up about it."

So now the long lost Republican ballots that were mysteriously found at The Peppermill in Reno will be counted. But why were they lost in the first place? And why were these ballots lost under Sue Lowden's watch? Remember that Sue Lowden was the Nevada Republican Party Chair until earlier this year?

It looks to me like Miss Sue is agreeing with Heidi Harris' batsh*t crazy conspiracy theory on Reid so she can hide her own deep, dark secrets. So what is she hiding? Why weren't those ballots counted last year?

And is Lowden so stupid as to think she could get away with all of this?

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  1. This may sink Lowden's political career. Some of us have been trying to get the press to pay attention to this situation for more than a year, and at last there is some movement. It was a complicated and dramatic event, the convention. For lots of details, please see my web site at