Thursday, October 1, 2009

SB 283: Richard Ziser Rears His Ugly, Bigoted Head... AGAIN!

Buried in today's R-J story of SB 283 becoming law today is Richard Ziser whining, moaning, screaming, and complaining that LGBT families are given ANY legal protection in this state.

Richard Ziser, who led the drive in Nevada to define marriage in the state constitution as being between a man and a woman, said no decision has been made by his Coalition for Protection of Marriage organization to challenge the domestic partnership law.

Lawyers told him it would be easier to overturn the law through a public referendum rather by going to court. But public referendums require petition gathering, which is very costly, Ziser added.

Tod Story, a board member of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Las Vegas, said passage of the domestic partnership law shows Nevada remains a "live and let live state."

He and his longtime partner will receive their domestic partnership certificate today.

"What same sex couples are trying to accomplish is equal rights," Story said. "We want to have the opportunity to have our relationships recognized by law and to be treated equally."

Ridiculous. Today should be a day of celebration in our community, but hateful people like Ziser always try to poop on our parade by threatening to roll back even the slightest of achievements for our community.

Give me a f*cking break! If Ziser really wants a rematch, I'm sure we're ready to beat him this time. In fact, I know we will.

It's just sad that just as LGBT families in Nevada start to receive something close to equal treatment under the law, the homophobic anti-equality extremists are always out to get us. Well, they won't succeed this time!

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