Friday, October 23, 2009

NV-03: Dina Delivers on Health Care & Public Option

Here's some great late breaking news from Open Left. The votes are being whipped among House Democrats for not just any public option, but a robust public option with a Medicare +5% reimbursement rate. Nancy Pelosi is counting, and fortunately it looks like we're really close to seeing a great health care bill passing the full House.

And better yet, I just called Dina Titus' DC office and confirmed it. She's on board!

So please call Dina's DC office at 202-225-3252 and/or her Henderson office at 702-387-4941 and thank her for standing up for real health care reform that works for Nevada's working families. Hopefully by next week, Pelosi will have enough votes to pass health care reform with a robust public option out of the House. And from there, it will all be on Senator Harry Reid...

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