Friday, October 9, 2009

NV-Sen-B: Oops, Johnny Did It Again!

Just as Republicans started trashing Harry Reid for doing a fundraiser with VP Joe Biden in Reno tonight, it looks like Politico's Ben Smith just caught them red-handed in an attempt to do a big Vegas fundraiser headlining none other than Johnny Casino!

An RNC [Republican National Committee] fundraiser, Lindsey Williams-Drath, raised some eyebrows among Republican donors this afternoon with an email that a big donor weekend in Las Vegas from October 16 to 18 -- headlining the embattled Senator John Ensign -- had been scuttled "due to unforeseen circumstances."

But the RNC's Gail Gitcho dismissed the suggestion it had anything to do with Ensign, and said it would be rescheduled, possibly for as soon as later this month.

Heh. I told you that they're hypocrites! They whine and scream and moan when Reid brings the big names to Nevada for his campaign events, but then expect us to stay mum when they do Bush "Pioneer" events and schedule big Ensign fundraisers? Gimme a break!

Once again, Nevada and national Republicans don't give a hoot about working families in Henderson or struggling farmers in Panaca or hard-hit miners in Winnemucca or anyone else, for that matter, who isn't a billionaire donating millions of dollars into GOP coffers. And these GOoPer fools think they can get away with attacking Reid's fundraising practices?

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