Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Health Care: So Reid Got a Public Option in. So What's Next?

So we got a public option... With a state opt-out. Nevada may be under pressure to opt out... But it looks increasingly unlikely. Health care reform looks ready to pass, but is it enough reform?

We'll see. While the HELP Committee public option was left standing mostly intact (other than the state opt-out clause), there are still some nasty Finance Committee provisions that were also left standing. The exchanges don't have enough negotiating power. The "free rider" provision prevents a workable employer mandate. Oh, and the "national plans" proposed would be able to circumvent state insurance regulations.

Oh, and did I mention that state opt-out is better off thrown out of the bill?

Obviously, there's still work to be done. Hopefully there will be some good amendments on the Senate floor to support. And thankfully on the House side, their bill keeps looking stronger and stronger. There's no way we'll see a very ugly bill emerge out of Conference.

So keep on our Congresscritters in Washington as the bill finally makes it to the floor in both houses. Let's see if they can actually deliver meaningful health care reform this year.

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