Thursday, October 8, 2009

NV-Sen: VP Biden to Headline Reno Reid Fundraiser... And the GOP Cries Crocodile Tears

Anjeanette Damon broke the news at RGJ yesterday that Vice President Joe Biden will be in Reno tomorrow for Harry Reid's latest fundraiser. If you really want to know why Reid will again be reelected next year, here it is. The White House definitely has his back!

But already, the Republicans are whining and throwing a fit over it. Lisa Mascaro at The Sun has the money quote:

The Republican National Committee jumped on the chance to blast the fundraiser, saying, “Hard-working families of Nevada, not the wealthy few, deserve to hear firsthand from Vice President Biden and Senator Reid on how they plan to turn around Nevada’s ailing economy.”

What a joke! I don't remember the Republicans complaining when Bush and Cheney did big dollar fundraisers for Ensign, Heller, and Porter. Jeez, the hypocrisy of the far right...

Next time Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich or some other big "GOP rising star" comes here to raise money for any of the circus clown candidates running against Reid or some other Republican here, I want to see Democrats turn this argument back at them. Reid IS working hard for this state, delivering needed Medicaid and unemployment aid that John McCain continually mocks. I'm sure he'll also deliver on green collar jobs that Sue Lowden and Lil' Tark Shark would quickly turn their noses at.

If the Republicans don't like big dollar fundraising, then I want them to endorse clean money campaigns. (Btw, Joe Biden actually has!) Otherwise, they need to sit down, shut up, and get back to pandering to teabagger crazies and making themselves look like fools.

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