Friday, October 9, 2009

Are Republicans Just Anti-American?

Remember not too long ago when Republicans called anyone who criticized George W. Bush a "traitor"? A "terrorist"? "Anti-America"?

So what do they call themselves now? President Obama won The Nobel Peace Prize. He and others tried to bring The Olympic Games to America. While there can be honest debate over policy, it seems all Republicans want to do these days is root for America's failure.

Yes, you heard me right. Republicans want America to fail.

They obviously don't like the idea of achieving world peace. They don't like competitive sports if other nations are involved. They don't like fixing our broken health care system. They don't want to solve the climate crisis.

It just seems like Republicans don't want any new ideas, any progress for this nation, and any hope for tomorrow. With their childish whining over today's Nobel announcement, they're revealing their true feelings about this country of ours. They care more about scoring short-term political points than the long-term well-being of our nation.

Seriously, I had doubts about the economic feasibility of doing the games in Chicago. And yes, I would like to see Obama do more to actually further peace by ending the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Still, today should be a proud day for all of us to be Americans and the Republicans are just crapping all over it by claiming that The Nobel Prize automatically makes someone a "ter'rist". (I don't remember Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela joining al-Qaeda.)

Hopefully, this Nobel Peace Prize will inspire President Obama to actually pursue peace by ending the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations and taking the unnecessary belligerence out of US Foreign Policy. It's just nice to see the rest of the world showing hope that this nation can be a great force for good again. It's just too bad that the Republicans just want to use it as a political stinkbomb.


  1. Republicans operate on hypocrisy. Say one thing, do the opposite.

    Look at their GOD - Ronald Reagan. He campaigned against Jimmy Carter because Carter had a $27 Billion debt. Reaqgan promised, on National TV to "eliminate the deficit.." - yet he quintupled the deficit and took the US from a creditor to a debtor nation.

    Look at the "nuclear option" - threatening to eliminate fillibuster, then they use it more than any party in history.

    There are dozens, if not hundreds, of other examples.

    There is no excuse for this - except blatent, intentional hypocrisy.

  2. I was an republican, because I'm pro family, I'm an entrepreneur, and I like the "Principles" they had now I'm in the middle because I don't like Liberals also. at this time looks like that the Leaders of the republican party are destroying the party because they don't want to solve the problems of our country. "Leaders ?" ...I don't think they deserve to be call Leaders any more because they became servants to the big corporations and start selling their souls for money. They become a shame for the real republicans who love this country.