Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"The Laramie Project" Under Attack

Something big is happening at Green Valley High School. The school's drama department is showing a very important play next Monday night, but the anti-equality forces are already threatening it. Steve Friess has more:

Y'see, Green Valley High School, one of the top public high schools in the region, decided to do some real cutting edge theater this year. This Monday, timed to the anniversary of the brutal 1998 attack on and death of Matthew Shepard, their theater group is doing "The Laramie Project." It's a brilliant spoken-word performance that tells the story of how a gay teenager's crucifixion rocked a Wyoming community and then the world. Then they do the same show again Nov. 12-14.

They're also scheduled for six performances of the Bohemian musical "Rent" in January and February.

Of course, both shows have lots of content that -- gasp! -- deals frankly and honestly with sexual orientation. To some, that's an evil that ought never utter its name in school. According to Ryan Maseo Smith, a friend and local gay club promoter, "Some community members feel that the subject matter is inappropriate for high school students to be performing and intend to have it removed."

I hope we can all go again to see "Rent" in January, but in the mean time I encourage all of you to buy tickets for this one-night only showing of "The Laramie Project: 10 Years Later" on Monday! This is an important message that Southern Nevada needs to hear. No one should be discriminated against because who one is and/or who one loves.

So far, administration at Green Valley High has been supportive and is refusing to cancel the show. Let's make sure the show goes on by making sure it's sold out!

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