Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maine: No on 1 Has Small Lead, But the Race is STILL CLOSE!

We have some good news today on the Maine front.

According to new poll data, 51.8 percent of people who plan to vote in November say they will vote no or are leaning in that direction on question 1, the people’s veto of Maine’s same-sex marriage law.

The poll shows that 42.9 percent plan to vote yes, or are leaning that way. And 5.2 percent remain undecided.A “no” vote would allow the same-sex marriage law to stand. A “yes” vote would overturn the law.

The poll was from Portland-based Pan Atlantic SMS Group, which released its fall Omnibus Poll today. [..] According to Pan Atlantic, the survey is of 401 Mainers who identified themselves as “likely” voters in the Nov. 3 election. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.9 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

So either we have quite a tiny lead or we're starting to see a larger lead. But most likely, No on 1 is leading by just under 9%. Folks, that's still too close for comfort.

And Gerald at Dirigo Blue has the internals. While we're holding our own in the more progressive Portland based 1st District (only 34.2% voting Yes on 1), we're still being clobbered in the more conservative 2nd District up north (51.8% voting Yes on 1). And when leaners are taken out, we just have 50.6% knowing for sure they will vote No on 1.

So basically, we still have a lot of work to do. The No on 1 ads are clearly working in turning around public opinion, but now we need to focus on turning out the No on 1 vote. By the way, here's the latest No on 1 ad that's turning on the waterworks for my eyes.

Here's another recent ad fighting back against blatant Yes on 1 lies.

Now if we want to keep seeing ads like this on the air, we need to donate so the No on 1 campaign can afford it. And if we want to help the campaign turn out the No on 1 votes needed to win, we need to volunteer for virtual phone banking! There's just no getting around it. We can't afford to be lazy.

Remember this time last year? Remember when all of a sudden, what was thought to be an "easy win" for No on 8 California suddenly became a losing campaign? Do we really want to see a repeat of that in Maine? Let's remember that the very same people who ran the disgustingly deceptive and hateful Yes on H8 California campaign are doing it again this year in Maine. There's nothing they won't consider doing to trip us up and steal away our civil rights.

As I've said before, I'm sick and tired of seeing LGBT families being kicked around like political footballs. I'm also sick and tired of hateful idiots trying to capitalize on "momentum" in Washington and Maine to spread the discrimination to states like mine... And here in Nevada, we'll only be trying to protect domestic partnerships! So don't think what happens in Maine won't affect you, as they may already be planning to hit your state next!

Again, this is why we must keep fighting. No matter what the poll numbers say, this will be a hard fought race all the way to the last minute before polls close on November 3. So please, please remember to donate what you can through tomorrow to ensure No on 1 has what it takes to win!


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