Saturday, October 10, 2009

NV-Sen: GOP Is Still a Hot Mess

Such is the story being told by today's Sun story on the GOP "circus clown candidates" coming out to challenge Harry Reid. The ones that seem most likely to excite the teabagger base are precisely the ones so extreme they turn off mainstream voters. The one that looks "media savvy" screwed up her own "debut" with easily traced lies on Yucca Mountain.

Oh, and the rest? They're just amusing sideshows.

And do any of them have any real solutions to the problems we face? Foreclosure crisis? Health care? Jobs? Energy? Nope, but they'll say stuff that makes no sense!

This is why fewer and fewer Nevadans identify as Republicans. That party has gone from merely annoying to downright psychotic and extremist!

No wonder why even Sig Rogich now backs Reid.

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