Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NV-Sen: Progressives for Reid Now on Facebook

I joined. Will you? :-)

ProgressNow Nevada
Dear Friends:
You've already taken action to join Progressives for Reid, so we're inviting you to become a fan of Progressives for Reid on Facebook.
Sen. Harry Reid is in the middle of an impossible job trying to herd the conservatives in his caucus and bring the president a health care reform bill with a public option.
We know Sen. Reid is working hard to get President Obama the comprehensive health care reform legislation he wants. So, it's important we stand up against the right-wing messaging and left-wing misunderstandings as Reid shepherds health care reform to the president.
Support the Facebook page today.


Don't let the attacks go unanswered. Stand in support of Sen. Reid.

Join today.



Erin Neff

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