Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Nevada Day!

Yes, our state really became a state 145 years ago this week. So how well do you know this state? Try to answer these questions correctly:


Answer these questions correctly and rejoice in being able to call yourself a native. Get them wrong and … Well, you did just move from California, right?

1. What year did Nevada become a state?
2. Who was president of the United States at the time?
3. Why is one of Nevada’s nicknames “Battle Born?”
4. Which states border Nevada?
5. What is the state bird?
6. What is the state song?
7. What is Nevada’s highest peak?
8. Las Vegas has the state’s largest population. Which cities come in second and third?
9. How often does the state Legislature convene?
10. Which professional sports teams call Clark County home?

I got 7.5 out of 10, not bad for one of those California transplants. Now you give it a try... And no cheating! ;-)

All state and local government offices will be closed for the state holiday today, along with schools, libraries, colleges, and (state) courts. However, federal courts and government services will remain open today. Happy Nevada Day! Enjoy another great day in our great state.

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