Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Health Care: All of Nevada's Democrats in Congress Looking More Solid on Public Option

While some are still confused about Harry Reid's latest pledge to include a public option in the Senate's health care bill (while saying something about terminology that got messed up in delivery), at least we can now depend on my Congresswoman. Steve Sebelius is reporting that Dina Titus is now pledging stronger support for the public option.

When it comes to health care, Titus says she supports a public option plan now more than she did when the debate started. The competition will save money, and creating an individual mandate to buy insurance (even with caps on how much a person can be charged) will only create new customers for private companies without a public option. “I think public sentiment has started to shift” away from opposition to health reform seen during town hall meetings in the summer, she said.

This is just good news all around. Again, some are still trying to figure out what exactly Harry Reid meant. I tend to agree with Chris Bowers and dday that he meant what he said about the public option, and I'll add that I think he was just talking about all the different versions out there (the various House versions, the Rockefeller version, the Schumer version, etc. etc.). Still, he supports it and we need to back him on it.

And even better, we don't have to be confused about Dina. Finally, FINALLY, she caught up with Shelley Berkley and Harry Reid in giving her clear support for a public option! With the numbers in support increasing in the House while Reid finally, FINALLY, flexes his muscles in support in the Senate, we may yet see real health care reform with real choices for us the consumers.

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