Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NV-Sen, Health Care: Suzy Lowdown Goes Autotune on Us

OMG, Suzy Lowdown is back with a new ad!

And as usual, it's filled with a bunch of myths, mistruths, word-twists, and flat-out lies. Hell, just read Desert Beacon's well-researched blog to get the facts! Media Matters has also studied all the same myths that Suzy's trying to shove down our throats, and have found them to be just that: completely false myths!

OK, so you don't feel like reading all the wonky goodness I just provided in the above links? Well, then just sit back and enjoy these vids I pulled up just for you!

What? You thought I'd just link to Harry Reid's myth debunker page and call it a day? Oh no, my kids! I love to treat you with plenty of wonky policy goodness! And unlike Suzy Lowdown, neither Harry nor I need to revert to "same ol' soundbite autotune" to make a point.

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