Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wherein the "Tea Party" Cannibalizes Itself

Once more, we're seeing some nasty brewing over in Teabagger-land. This time, the folks who claim to be all about "freedom" are trying to block one of their own from being on the November ballot.

The conservative Independent American Party's U.S. Senate candidate sued today to remove a fellow U.S. Senate candidate running under the Tea Party of Nevada from the ballot.

Tim Fasano, of Fernley, filed the lawsuit in Carson City District Court, arguing that Tea Party of Nevada candidate Jon Scott Ashjian should be removed from November's ballot because he failed to change his party affiliation until after he filed for office. Also, according to the complaint, Ashjian is not affiliated with the state or national Tea Party organizations that have risen up to protest government spending and Washington, D.C., overreach.

Fasano said, "I think he inappropriately stole the Tea Party name." Plus, he added, Ashjian's place on November's ballot potentially helps Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid.

"Potentially, he'll take votes from me and take votes from the Republican. Against Reid, we need all the votes we can get," Fasano said.

So they're trying to throw Scott Ashjian off the ballot on a technicality? That's what it's looking like. And better yet, they're admitting this is all about tossing competition off the ballot.

Oh, and they're still peddling the already refuted claim that somehow Harry Reid is behind Ashjian and the "Tea Party of Nevada".

Whatever. Let them keep wasting money in court trying to fight this. They're only making their "movement" look all the more ridiculous.

If these teabaggers really want to know who's responsible for imperiling their chances against Harry Reid this fall, all they need to do is look in the mirror.

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