Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NV-Sen: Suzy Lowdown- Remember The Santa Fe? Archon?

Oh, my! After releasing her gawd awful "health care ad" yesterday, Suzy Lowdown is having to deal with something that just isn't helping her at all: THE TRUTH. And today, Harry Reid's campaign is firing back by reminding us of Suzy's record of (NOT) providing health care to her own workers.

As President of Santa Fe Hotel, Inc., Sue Lowden illegally denied health insurance to buffet workers both by forcing them to sign a document waiving their right to it and cutting their hours to render them ineligible for it. As a result, her company was found guilty of violating the National Labor Relations Act and was ordered to repay employees whose hours and benefits were unlawfully slashed.

After breaking the law, Lowden tried a different tact as a state senator to undermine quality medical coverage. She voted to put profits over the health needs of Nevada’s women, allowing insurance companies to refuse to cover lifesaving treatments like mammograms. Additionally, she voted to put insurance companies between patients and their doctors, allowing them to refuse coverage for medical services that were not only in their plans but were administered by a physician.

“Sue Lowden’s track record shows that she’s willing to do anything – even break the law – to save a buck by denying quality health insurance from hardworking Nevada families. Whether gutting medical coverage as a state senator or unlawfully refusing to cover employees, Lowden has proven that her idea of ‘leadership’ is not something Nevadans can afford,” said campaign manager Brandon Hall.

“While filled with lies and distortions, at least Lowden’s latest TV ad is actually a legal attempt to deny Nevadans access to quality, affordable health insurance. So for her, I guess that’s progress.”

Apparently back in the 1990s, Suzy and her husband had this habit of illegally denying their Santa Fe employees health care benefits... Oh, and they liked to illegally fire their workers, too!

Oh, and did I forget that they never really learned from those days? This revelation comes off the heels of the explosive SEC filing showing that the Lowdowns gave themselves a cool $200,000 bonus last year after firing over 100 Archon workers and eliminating employee savings match. Yes, this really came from the person claiming she can do a better job on "creating jobs"!

Uh huh... So the person best suited to work on "creating jobs" is someone who has a history of illegally eliminating health care benefits for her workers and firing workers while giving herself and her husband a healthy six-figure bonus?

And wait, who could forget Suzy Lowdown working so hard at Archon to "create jobs" in Nevada by shutting down Wet & Wild and leaving it as an empty lot for construction equipment?

Yep, that's Suzy Lowdown for us. She works hard... To make sure working class Nevadans get screwed while she laughs her way to the bank.

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  1. Sue Lowden certainly does have a sleazy record. For more information, see