Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Casinos: Rumjungle at M-Bay Files for Chapter 11, Encore's Switch Beach Club Pics Leaked, MGM Mirage & Perini Fight Over CityCenter, & Some Good News for MGM Mirage

- Yikes! Things aren't looking pretty at Rumjungle these days. They've filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, claiming that MGM Mirage is trying to drive them out of business. Mandalay Bay just opened its new "eyecandy" lounge near the casino, and Rumjungle is claiming this violates their contract with MGM for Rumjungle to be the only nightclub at Mandalay. However, MGM counters that they owe $1.1 million in unpaid rent.

- Meanwhile, MGM Mirage actually gets some good news today. Malaysian casino operator Genting Malaysia Bhd. is buying another $18 million in MGM debt, which CEO Jim Murren is feeling good about.

- However, MGM Mirage still has to deal with Perini's move to try to impose a lien on CityCenter over $492 million in unpaid construction costs. MGM counters that the $492 million claim isn't accurate and The Harmon's construction defects result in a larger counterclaim for them. This should be a fun one to watch in court.

- Meanwhile on the other end of The Strip, more photos have been leaked for Encore's new Switch Beach Club and Surrender nightclub set to open Memorial Day Weekend. There's now a great debate over whether the club is edgy or trashy. I personally think the pool looks a little dull so far, but I have a feeling the real deal will glam it up some more... Especially since Surrender is looking quite promising!

- And finally, back to MGM Mirage... And what the hell is this??!! Are they actually inviting group orgies (on the cheap) to Luxor? Whoa, nelly! I guess this will be the new place to find a way to get laid FAST... And many times over... And still have some change left over to toss in the penny slots. Go figure. Only in Vegas. :-p

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