Thursday, March 11, 2010

And The R-J Attacks Reid Again... While He Brings Home the Goods. FAIL! (For The R-J)

Seriously, doesn't The R-J's editorial page sound like a broken record these days? Today is no different, with Shermie screaming (again!) about some supposed "commie socialist takeover!" led by Harry Reid, some black dude from Chicago, and some scary woman (scary because she's not barefoot in the kitchen caring for her 100 grandbabies) from San Francisco. Sigh...

Never mind that thanks to Senator Reid, Las Vegas will likely see more international tourists coming soon, providing more much-needed economic boost to our economy. Oh, and never mind that thanks to Harry Reid's action on renewable energy, we'll soon be getting a 320,000 wind turbine plant that should employ at least 1,000 Nevadans and help diversify our economy.

A consortium of companies announced plans today to develop a plant in the Las Vegas area that would employ about 1,000 people for manufacturing wind turbines. [...]

Today’s announcement was made by private equity firm U.S. Renewable Energy Group (US-REG), Chinese company A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. and real estate development company American Nevada Company of Henderson. [...]

In today’s announcement, the partners credited Sen. Harry Reid for their decision to locate the plant in Nevada. They also cited affordable real estate in Nevada, the state’s skilled workforce and Nevada’s business-friendly climate. [...]

"Senate Majority Leader Reid’s vision for the development of clean energy industries in his home state, Nevada’s position relative to the major wind corridors and the strength and sophistication of Nevada’s skilled workforce made Nevada the best option for our headquarters and assembly plant for North and South America," Jinxiang Lu, CEO and chairman of A-Power, said in a statement.

"When Sen. Reid found out US-REG and A-Power wanted to build a wind turbine manufacturing plant in the United States, he told us that Nevada was poised to be at the epicenter of America’s commitment to renewable energy technology," Ed Cunningham, US-REG managing partner, said in a statement. "Add to that Nevada’s business-friendly climate, we felt that Nevada would be the ideal place to invest in this manufacturing hub. This multi-million dollar investment in Nevada will further advance the Senate majority leader’s clean energy initiatives while allowing out-of-work Nevadans to re-enter the work force in high-paying, stable, green jobs."

Ha! Go suck on that, Shermie!

He can whine and scream and pout and shout as much as he wants, but he really can't make a convincing argument that Harry Reid isn't delivering for Nevada. He is, and we're clearly seeing the results now.

OK, so Shermie's a broken record... And I have to be a shill? Nope, I do my best not to be a shill for any politician. As as you, my fair readers know, I've had my own disagreements with Reid here (guns, maglev v. DesertXpress, health care, marriage equality, etc.).

It's just that I don't like it when someone in the corporate media constantly distorts the facts to unfairly attack someone. And yes, that's exactly what Shermie does with The R-J every single day with Harry Reid, Preisdent Obama, and Democrats in general. And yes, the more I see these unfair attacks the more I will stick up for Harry Reid and call it as I see it.

'Cuz that's what I like to do here. I may have my own point of view, but I prefer to base my opinions on facts. It's just too bad The R-J's opinion crew can't do the same... Or even read their own news section, for that matter.

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