Monday, March 29, 2010

What Happened at The JJ Dinner

It was a bit of culture shock for me on Saturday... To start the day "welcoming" the teabaggers to Searchlight, and end it hobnobbing with a number of the state's key power players at the Clark County Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner at The Rio.

We saw a number of fantastic speakers that evening. Al Gore rocked the house with his speech, and Dina Titus and Shelley Berkley had a great response to Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter hanging around with nutjobs (mostly from out of state) over here last weekend. Kim Wallin, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Kate Marshall all brought the house down with their speeches... And reminded us how fortunate we are to have some smart, sane people in Carson City keeping the state running (and keeping "Luv-Guv Gibbons" in line).

Oh, and when Harry Reid spoke, he gave an update on Lana and Landra. It's good to know they're recovering, but Landra will need more surgery for her facial and back injuries. And it was really powerful in reminding us why it was so important to get health care reform moving this year. When he spoke of the bills, I could tell good things are on the way for Nevada and the country.

OK, so I didn't really take notes and all I had was my camera phone. Sorry about that. But hey, after everything in Searchlight I needed to take it a little easier!

And by the way, major props to Progress Now Nevada for selecting me as one of their "blogger winners" to sit at their table on Saturday night! It was great to finally meet Erin Neff in person, and what our table lacked in closeness to the front stage we more than made up for in intelligent conversation and all around good times. Thanks! :-)

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