Sunday, March 21, 2010

BREAKING: Stupak Agreement Reached, HCR NOW Set to Pass

Here's the text of the agreement with President Obama. Democrats are now assured the votes to pass.

And looking at the agreement, here's what I'm seeing so far.

- The Hyde Amendment stands, prohibiting federal funds for reproductive health care that includes abortion related services.

- The community health clinics (CHCs) that will be established and supported under this legislation must comply with Hyde rules.

- While there's an explicit prohibition on use of federal funds, there doesn't seem to be any ban on CHCs offering any abortion services.

- And the language of Obama's executive order doesn't look to resurrect the original Stupak language prohibiting health insurance policies included in the exchange from offering abortions if necessary. (They just have to separate federal funds from other funding.)

So the original language of the Senate bill that Harry Reid negotiated with anti-choice Senate Democrats Bob Casey and Ben Nelson, along with pro-choice Democrats like Barbara Boxer, stands. I guess Stupak gets his moment in the sun, but ultimately it looks like Harry Reid is vindicated yet again. :-)

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