Monday, March 29, 2010

NV-Sen: Best. Fundraising. Ask. EVAH!

WOW! I didn't know Harry Reid had this in him. This is quite witty. Thumbs up from me (and I guess I'll also have to get out my wallet :-D ).

Dear Andrew,
This weekend Sarah Palin and the Tea Party came to Searchlight and held a rally. You might have seen it on the news.
I wasn't there, but I'm told there were speeches, some signage featuring questionable assertions, and a lot of calling Democrats "socialists." I guess it's better not to let the facts get in the way of a good rally sign.
I double checked the definition of 'socialism,' and it's defined as a political philosophy that advocates for government ownership of private industryAbsolutely needless to say, not a view I agree with in the least.
My first thought was that we could hold a fundraising drive to buy dictionaries for all these folks and mail them out lickity split. But my campaign manager rightly pointed out that with the first quarter coming to an endwe should raise money for the campaign in dictionary-sized increments instead.
Donate today!Calling me a 'socialist' has as much basis in fact as calling health reform a 'government takeover' -- none at all. I'm making light of this nonsense today, but these attacks reveal a troubling reality. These folks are standing in strong opposition to progress for our economy at a time when Nevadans are struggling to make ends meet.
If you agree that passing health insurance reform was a great thing for our country, and that passing two bipartisan jobs bills in the last two months was a good start, then I'm asking you to invest in my campaign today.
I'm dedicated to fighting for the values we share in the U.S. Senate. With your help, I'll continue doing just that in years to come. President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and I have a lot to do -- and we can't produce the change we know we need without your help.
Thanks so much for your support,
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