Friday, March 19, 2010

BREAKING: Dina Titus Will Vote FOR Health Care Reform!

Thank you, Dina!

“For nearly a year, I have talked with the people of District Three about the need for health care reform,” Titus said. “I have heard horror stories from small business owners who had to lay off workers because of rising health care costs and families that could not get insurance because of a pre-existing condition. While the legislation the House will vote on this weekend is not perfect, it makes critical reforms that provide common sense rules of the road that will give families and small businesses more control over their health care – not government bureaucrats or insurance company CEOs.”

“From the beginning, I have said I support legislation that reduces costs, strengthens Medicare, and increases choice,” Titus continued. “This legislation meets those goals, and where flaws still exist, I will continue to push for additional reforms. This bill will make real progress by preventing insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, closing the donut hole for prescription drugs, and giving families and small businesses the largest health care tax break in history.”

Titus had expressed concern about the Senate health care bill and wanted to see key changes to the legislation to benefit the Third District. The changes that have been included in the bill are closing the donut hole, removing special deals for certain states, changing the “Cadillac tax” so that it goes into effect later and has a higher threshold, and stronger consumer protections against discrimination for pre-existing conditions.

“During this process, the people of District Three have seen a barrage of ads paid for by special-interest money from insurance companies and those that benefit from the status quo,” said Titus. “I have always made my decisions based on what I believe is in the best interests of the people of District Three; and even in the face of more than $1 million of special-interest ads, this time is no different.”

Often when members of Congress are elected and make the sojourn to DC, they sometimes forget who sent them there in the first place. They sometimes forget who they're supposed to be working for. I'm glad that Dina Titus hasn't forgotten who's she working for.

I'm glad Dina hasn't forgotten who sent her to Washington. We the people did, NOT the HMOs, PhRMA, and the Chamber of Commerce! They may throw money into trashy ads attacking her for this, but we the people know why Dina is doing this and we will reward her accordingly.

So thank you, Dina! Those of us who actually live in the district and don't need insurance company talking points to speak will stand with you and make sure you're reelected this year so you can keep fighting for Southern Nevada's working families.

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