Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why It's Important to Remember Us

There's something interesting happening in Arkansas...

And while I don't see any primary challenges against Harry Reid and Dina Titus here and don't see a reason to do so, I nevertheless hope it's a wake-up call to our Democrats here in Nevada that we the progressive base (as well as a number of independents!) aren't ready to settle for "GOP lite".

And if anything, I hope this helps them understand that the way to win isn't exactly to run to the right and act like Republicans. As we're seeing this year, if we give voters the choice of Republican or Republican-lite they'll choose the real thing. But fight like hell for working Americans, and all of a sudden that "far left progressivism" isn't looking like a loser after all.

Just a word of encouragement for my favorite Senator and favorite House member as they move forward on health care reform. And yes, please move forward and not back! :-)

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