Saturday, March 20, 2010

BREAKING: "Deem & Pass" Dropped, but Health Care Bills Still on Track for Tomorrow

OK, so that's not happening. So are we in trouble? Not exactly.

Now, they'll just have to hold three separate but interdependent votes tomorrow:

1. to set the terms of debate (how much time, how many [if any] amendments allowed, etc.)

2. on the reconciliation "sidecar" bill including all the House-approved fixes to the Senate bill

3. on the Senate bill that will be fixed by the above sidecar bill if both pass

And apparently, House Democratic leadership is confident that all the "Yes" votes they've collected so far will stay put and vote in the affirmative for all three, while this new plan to help win over the last remaining undecided Dems who were afraid of "deem & pass" (despite the Republicans constantly using this when they were in power).

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  1. so I see that you support socialist healthcare - people die of hunger, do you suggest that we implement Soviet-style bread lines as well? It sure seems that B. Hussein Obama would like that.