Monday, March 15, 2010

NV-Sen: Worst. Ad. EVAH!

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There's only one word that can truly describe this despicable bullshit:


I'd talk more about the despicable bullshit lies thrown around in this trashy excuse of a political ad, but for now I'll focus on it as the radical right's EPIC FAIL. From Dullard Mush:

For all the hype regarding the Expose Harry ads that were coming down the pike, one could be forgiven for thinking the Harry Reid death blow was at hand. After all, this was going to be from the team that helped doom Michael Dukakis in 1988 with the classic "Willie Horton" ad.

But, instead, it looks like something a Jr. High beginning video class would put out ... as a rough cut. For chrissakes, it plays like a low-budget union ad against MGM Mirage, not some great indictment of Reid.

It fails on virtually every level. Where was the deep and concerned narrator's voice, the ominous background music, the financial ties to Reid (like, oh, how much money he's received from MGM Mirage) and what's with the monstrous fonts at the end? It looks and sounds like something Todd Taxpayer whipped up for a buck and change over his lunch break.

Now how can I argue with this? I can't... And why should I? It's the Rethuglicans embarrassing themselves BIG TIME!

Richard Abowitz, who usually doesn't focus on politics at Gold Plated Door, made an exception today in his critique of the ad:

Wow, this is a stupid advertisement. I don’t often have opinions on political matters. But you can really tell that this was created by people outside Las Vegas and Nevada. I do think it is a scandal that Nevada gaming authorities gave Dubai World a pass on the behavior of a sovereign dictatorship no matter how benign and business-like the veneer. But blaming the Senator from Nevada via attacking his efforts on behalf of MGM-Mirage (the largest private employer in Nevada) is hardly an approach designed to appeal to voters here. And, when done bashing the Senator, the commercial seems to take a gratuitous shot at unions; in Las Vegas that means attacking a great many of the workers in casinos on the Strip. Maybe, nationally this sort of low blow advertisement can make a Senate Majority Leader less popular. But to a Vegas audience this advertisement is incoherent.

Translation moment for locals: when the advertisement calls MGM-Mirage “the slave bosses” –this is not a metaphor. And, how does that relate to Senator Reid? Oh, yes; he supports MGM-Mirage who are “the slave bosses.”

Sure Senators from Nevada are beholden to casino interests. But the sad truth is that you have to be a bit more specific to form that reality into a complaint. All Senators from Nevada support casinos, always, and forever. There will never be a Senator from Nevada who denounces casinos, duh.

Nevada is not used to being this important, politically. We were the place everyone else wanted to dump nuclear waste. Now, with a Senate Majority Leader from this state, that insane idea is dead. And, Nevada instead attracts advertisements seemingly dumped here from out of state.

Oh, yes... This should really win votes! Curry Nevadans' favor by trying to convince us to dump our powerful voice in Nevada, denounce our largest employer and bash them as "slave masters", and bash our friends and family members who work at the casinos as "evil union leaders"?

I wonder what MGM Mirage workers think about this. No wait, actually I don't. I bet they agree with CEO Jim Murren and are glad that CityCenter opened and they have jobs.

Again, this is just trashy... And I'm confident this won't work. In fact, I'm hoping by showing you this video, I will have lit a fire under your ass so that you'll be making sure we continue to have a strong advocate for working Nevadans in Harry Reid.

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