Friday, March 5, 2010

Betting on Michelin Stars: Bradley Ogden, Simply the Best

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OK, I must admit I was a little afraid of trying this place. I backed out of a reservation for my dad's birthday over a bad review. I was second-guessing myself when I was thinking of the reservation for my birthday (well, the day after, but I celebrated) tonight.

However, all my doubts were thrown out the window once a friend and I went into Bradley Ogden and began to take in the casually elegant ambience. This place is so luxurious, yet so comfortable! And yes, the same goes for the food.

The breads were fresh and interesting. The sourdough tasted like the best I could find in San Francisco. The blue corn muffin was perfectly soft and sweet and delectable. The butter complemented both breads quite well.
We were then served an amuse bouche of shrimp ceviche. Since I'm a vegetarian I couldn't really dig into it, what I could taste seemed refreshing. My friend really seemed to enjoy the small bite of it.

And now for the appetizer. The Maytag Blue Cheese (Mini) Souffles were simply divine! The cranberries, raisins, and candied pecans complemented the souffles quite well. The savory, the tart, and the sweet were brought together beautifully and made for fantastic flavors in this dish.

So what about the entree? I ordered the gnocchi, since it looked interesting. It was a potato gnocchi dish with shaved parmesan, shiitake mushrooms, broccolini, and parmesan foam. And yes, all these ingredients came together exquisitely! Not only did the dish look beautiful, but all the ingredients meshed perfectly. The gnocchi were tender, the veggies were cooked well, and the parmesan added some good tang.

After that great dish, I was ready for something sweet again. And when perusing the dessert menu, the bananas foster cake really stood out. So I ordered it. And I really enjoyed it! The cake was moist and tasty, while the vanilla ice cream was a refreshing complement and the bananas added a lovely fruity touch.

And finally, we were served a complimentary post-dessert sweet bite of butterscotch pudding. This really hit the high note for me, as it was sweet but still satisfying and a fabulous way to end a perfectly fabulous dinner.

The food was fabulous. The service was superb. The wine list was wonderful. And the atmosphere was so charming and cozy and comfortable and still elegant that it was easy for me to forget that I was in the middle of one of The Strip's biggest and baddest (as in badass good!) casinos! What's not to love about Bradley Ogden?

Oh, and by the way, there's no need to feel guilty about eating here. Nearly everything on the menu is "farm-to-table" and organic. And better yet, Caesars Palace and other Harrah's casinos participate in Harrah's Code Green program to shrink their (admittedly large in the not-so-distant past) carbon footprint and do better for Mother Earth.

Bradley Ogden
at Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-7731


  1. Thanks for the positive review. I was down on Bradley Ogden after reading a negative review several months ago.
    I haven't been there since 2003 and 2004. The first time, I don't think Colosseum had even opened yet. Bradley's son Bryan was in the kitchen both times I dined there.
    I assume the decor has changed in seven years, but I really enjoyed the lounge area with its rustic decor (Adirondack chairs?). I ate alone at the bar once and had excellent service and food. The next time, a friend and I were in the dining room, and the service/meals were superior.
    I didn't go back because I felt I had to take advantage of comped restaurants at Bellagio where I was staying. I know, I know, those comped meals were the most expensive free dinners I've ever had. :-)

  2. It looks like they've made some updates, but the design of Bradley Odgen is still quite warm and comforting... Something I'd expect in Marin (where Mr. Ogden started his first restaurant, Lark Creek), but not in one of Vegas' biggest casinos! All in all, it was quite the pleasant surprise for my b-day (especially considering some of the negative reviews I had read).