Friday, March 19, 2010

Progress Now Sez Ensign's Got to Go!

And I could not agree more!

ProgressNow Nevada

Dear Andrew,

What began as a political soap opera has turned into a full-blown symphony of slime.

And the king of this smutty scandal, Sen. John Ensign, still thinks enough of himself to phone voters in Dina Titus' district urging them to pressure the congresswoman's vote on health care.

(Lot of good that did as Titus will vote yes!)

Ensign still thinks he's cock of the walk of the conservative roost.

But we view this latest news as evidence he's a different form of poultry.

Last year we had already seen enough.

The ensuing months have only unveiled more sordid details. This screams of ethical misdeeds and increasingly looks criminal.

Even as Ensign was on the autodialer trying to sink health care reform, a federal grand jury was issuing subpoenas that may sink Nevada businesses.

Many of you have said it makes no sense for Ensign to resign since Jim Gibbons would appoint a replacement.

But this week's news makes us too sick to endure any more of the senator's blatant cockiness. It appears Jon Ralston has finally seen enough, too.

Take action today - tell Ensign it's time to go!

Tell Ensign you've seen enough. Nevada needs a representative that is more concerned about jobs and health care than he is about shutting up his girlfriend's husband.

We've seen enough. Ensign must resign!

For Nevada, for progress,

Erin Neff
Executive Director
ProgressNow Nevada

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