Thursday, March 4, 2010

So Yucca's Done... What's Next?

So is it really over? Apparently so...

Except that Washington (State) and South Carolina apparently want to throw a fit and file a law suit. Fortunately, it probably won't go all that far. The Department of Energy withdrew the Yucca Mountain with prejudice, so it can't be refiled ever again.

Now there is still more to do, as the nuclear industry will appeal this and the full Nuclear Regulatory Commission will have to hear this. But so far, things are looking much better for Nevada.

And our electeds in Washington are feeling much better now.

The move “marks the final stage of a battle that I’ve fought since arriving in Congress,” [Harry] Reid said.

[John] Ensign commended Obama administration officials “for holding up their end of the bargain.”

Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley was deep in conversation with a constituent who had stopped by her office on an unrelated topic when the word came down.

Berkley, who has promised to lie down on railroad tracks to stop nuclear waste from being shipped to Nevada, said “Obama was 100 percent right to dump Yucca Mountain.

“President Obama pledged to Nevadans that he would end efforts to turn our state into a radioactive garbage dump, and now his blue-ribbon commission will begin its work to find an alternative,” she said. [...]

Democratic Rep. Dina Titus pledged to remain vigilant in fighting the dump. “While those who have their own interests in mind, not those of Nevada, will undoubtedly seek to slow down this process, we are well on our way to killing Yucca Mountain,” she said.

And we in Nevada can feel much better now. Yucca is finally coming to an end, and so is Nevada's long, horrid nuclear nightmare.

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