Thursday, March 11, 2010

Etc. Thursday: The Joy of Roger Thomas, The Glamour of the W/C... And CLAMS!

I couldn't help it. I have to take a peek!

OK, so it's a restroom... But ain't it p'urty? In addition, The Weekly has four more lovely nightclub restrooms for you to marvel at (or laugh at, depending on your POV). :-D

And in other important news this week, Wynn Resorts uber-glam designer (and great mind behind this year's Oscar Green Room!) Roger Thomas spilled some beans to Steve Friess on the fabulous design of Wynn and Encore here in Las Vegas, what might be in store for Wynn Resorts' Philadelphia project, and a sneak peek at Encore Macau. And if you're not the reading kind (and if so, why the hell are you here, you crazy biotch?!), Mr. Steve was kind enough (as always!) to post the full audio interview in his weekly podcast.

And finally, "Silence of the Clams" is playing at Onyx Theater and Las Vegas CityLife takes a look at what looks like another hilarious riot.

Oh yes, and for munchies we have Off The Strip (which Mr. ELV isn't too excited about), real Vietnamese food in Chinatown, and lunch boxes for grown-ups. Sounds delicious, y'all! Happy Almost Weekend! :-)

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