Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Health Care: What's Next

ABC News posted a good story today explaining how reconciliation can be used to pass the health care reform package, and how Republicans are limited in their attempts to stall the process. It's really a good read.

Meanwhile, the supposedly "dreaded" polling on health care isn't actually looking so bad these days. I usually don't read much Andrew Sullivan (he can be too "insider gossip-y" for me at times), but I actually appreciate his insight (IMHO correct this time) on how the public is slowly, but surely, waking up to the reality of health care and realizing that we need to get reform done soon to rein in costs, get more people covered, and make the system work better for everyone overall.

Now Desert Beacon talked today about AHIP (the insurance industry lobbying group) launching a $1 million final campaign to destroy health care reform this year. As usual, they're peddling the same ol' lies and bullsh*t that we've become accustomed to lately. Basically, it will be more of the "I-hate-big-government-so-leave-my-big-government-benefits-alone" autotune that Suzy Lowdown thought would work so well here...

But Democrats are (FINALLY!) showing some spine and are starting to fight back. Here in Nevada, Harry Reid's campaign continues hammering at Suzy's lying teevee ad and they're actually getting some traction on this as the media, both local and national, are debunking her ridiculous claims.

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(I tried to get an embed code for "Face to Face", but I guess The Sun & KVBC-3 aren't allowing that any more... So you'll have to go there yourself to watch it. Sorry.)

Oh, and it gets better...

This is an example of the new Americans United for Change plan to hit supposedly "moderate" Republicans who are taking a hard line against reform. Good. Don't let them get away with the "moderate" crap any more if they won't even try to play ball on health care. I'd really like to see something like this hit Suzy Lowdown, since she's the same kind of hypocrite as Johnny Mac.

So what's next? Apparently, a real chance to finally get health care reform done. FINALLY!

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