Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of 2009 #3: "All About Reid"

OK, so 2008 gave Democrats a massive victory... And everyone is now wondering what will become of that in 2010. And in the center of all the election banter, all the Senate chatter, and all the idiot punditry on the radio and the teevee is our own Senator. Yes, of course I'm talking about Harry Reid!

We've heard it all on how Nevada's Senator is simultaneously so powerful, so vulnerable, so conniving, so wimpy, so strong, so meek, so funny... And so Nevada! I still remember when I let go of my misgivings and embraced the aura of the all powerful Reid.


I signed up. You should, too. Why?

Well, let's face it. Harry Reid isn't perfect. Yep, he votes the wrong way a few times. Sometimes, he doesn't fight strongly enough for what progressives stand for. Before I moved to Nevada, I didn't like him at all.

I guess you can say I'm a reformed "Reid hater". I know that while he occasionally goes off the farm, he's nonetheless a mostly consistent ally of progressive causes. He's fighting for a better health care bill with a good public option and fairer Medicaid reimbursement funds fort Nevada. He's been fighting for important LGBT civil rights bills like The Matthew Shepard Act (hate crimes) and Military Readiness and Enhancement Act (repealing the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" open military service ban). He's working for a good climate and energy bill that will solve the climate crisis and bring more "green collar jobs" to Nevada. Come on, Harry Reid more often than not has our back!

So consider this my penance. While I'll still call out Reid when I think he's wrong, I won't hesitate to praise him when he's right. And if he follows through on his promises to deliver on important matters like health care and climate change, we should have his back to make sure we still have one rational, hard-working Senator to look out for Nevada.

So yes, Erin Neff and ProgressNow Nevada, I'll join you for now and support Harry Reid. If he doesn't deliver, I'll reconsider and put him on notice. But if he does, I'll make sure he gets reelected next year by the strongest margin possible. :-)


And I'll close with this from earlier this month on the "quality" of the GOP opposition.


Yippee, we have ourselves some real GOP infighting! No really, Lil' Tark Shark sent out a recent Human Events blog post (that suspiciously sounds like a list of Team Tark talking points) in a fundraising appeal that points to Baby Danny as "the true conservative" in the race. How precious. When fewer and fewer Nevadans consider themselves "Republicans" and sound more and more progressive every day, the best thing to do for a Republican trying to knock off Nevada's most powerful politician is to tack to the extreme right!

Good thinking, Lil' Tark Shark... For Harry Reid!

And of course, these attacks against Suzy Lowdown come just as she starts internal GOP warfare against all her fellow primary candidates... Since of course, we know how popular Miss Suzy is among her fellow Republicans.

But wait, there's more! We now have "Batsh*t Crazy Sharron Angle" (since we know this is her full name) topping both of the "GOP frontrunners" by:

- Wanting a "national referendum on Harry Reid"... HUH???!! I thought he was our Senator here in Nevada?

- Shut down the stimulus... To take away Nevada jobs.

- Make sure the repaid TARP funds don't get spent on creating more Nevada jobs.

- Freeze the national budget to screw with the livelihood of even more Nevada families!

Oh yeah, Sharron Angle wants to make sure this state suffers some more. I'm sure that will win her plenty of support from the teabaggers... And absolutely no one else!

So there you have it, the radical right is getting even more radical and planning to further alienate themselves from the sane majority in this state. Now perhaps if Harry Reid grows the spine that The Obama White House is so afraid of, he might actually beat any of these GOoPer losers in a landslide!

Just a thought.

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