Thursday, December 10, 2009

NV-Sen: Suzy Lowdown's Keeping "Heidi-Gate" Alive... By Lying Some MORE About It!

I can't help it. I thought I wasn't in the mood for any more political talk this week... Then Steve Sebelius made me laugh by posting this:

Sue Lowden, running for the Republican nomination to challenge U.S. Sen. Harry Reid next year, says in a CQ Politics blog that “…she was aware there had been a police report and some news coverage of a device found underneath his family’s car. She faced criticism for making light of the incident in a radio interview in October.” (Hat tip to my colleague Jon Ralston for the link.)

But the fact is, she didn’t just “make light” of the incident. Lowden said flatly in that radio interview that she’d never heard anything about the 1981 attempt on Reid’s life.

So, which is it? Was she dissembling back in October on the radio (perhaps prompted by the host [the always "unintentionally comical" Heidi Harris], who herself declared that she’d never heard about the incident)? Or was she dissembling to the CQ Politics blogger when she claimed that, in fact, she had been aware of the incident?


So which is it, Suzy? Did you remember the attempted hit on Harry Reid or not? Do you agree with your BFF Heidi Harris or not?

Oh, hell... I just must ask this again:

Is Sue Lowden THAT stupid??!! Did she really think she could get away with this [brand new!] lie and act like it never really happened? Did she actually think that she'd somehow score political points by [trying to have it both ways] with some hare-brained attempted smear by Heidi Harris of all people?

Keep it klassy, Nevada Republicans!

And the Suzy Lowdown-Heidi Harris 2010 Political Comedy Tour continues...

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