Monday, December 14, 2009

Meanwhile, the Radical Right Becomes Even More Pathetic in "Targeting Reid" (While Killing Themselves)

Yippee, we have ourselves some real GOP infighting! No really, Lil' Tark Shark sent out a recent Human Events blog post (that suspiciously sounds like a list of Team Tark talking points) in a fundraising appeal that points to Baby Danny as "the true conservative" in the race. How precious. When fewer and fewer Nevadans consider themselves "Republicans" and sound more and more progressive every day, the best thing to do for a Republican trying to knock off Nevada's most powerful politician is to tack to the extreme right!

Good thinking, Lil' Tark Shark... For Harry Reid!

And of course, these attacks against Suzy Lowdown come just as she starts internal GOP warfare against all her fellow primary candidates... Since of course, we know how popular Miss Suzy is among her fellow Republicans.

But wait, there's more! We now have "Batsh*t Crazy Sharron Angle" (since we know this is her full name) topping both of the "GOP frontrunners" by:

- Wanting a "national referendum on Harry Reid"... HUH???!! I thought he was our Senator here in Nevada?

- Shut down the stimulus... To take away Nevada jobs.

- Make sure the repaid TARP funds don't get spent on creating more Nevada jobs.

- Freeze the national budget to screw with the livelihood of even more Nevada families!

Oh yeah, Sharron Angle wants to make sure this state suffers some more. I'm sure that will win her plenty of support from the teabaggers... And absolutely no one else!

So there you have it, the radical right is getting even more radical and planning to further alienate themselves from the sane majority in this state. Now perhaps if Harry Reid grows the spine that The Obama White House is so afraid of, he might actually beat any of these GOoPer losers in a landslide!

Just a thought.

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