Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OK, Back to the REAL News: Aria Opening at CITY CENTER!!!

That's it, I'm bored... And I need to give you important updates on that thing that all of us in Las Vegas can't get enough of: CITY CENTER!

If you're really a "kool kid", you'll drop everything you're doing RIGHT NOW and bookmark AriaOpening.com for tomorrow morning! So what are you waiting for? Bookmark it so you can watch the opening of City Center's casino tomorrow!

In the mean time, you can join me in wasting time in the best way possible, which is to gawk at Hunter's Flickr page devoted to Aria. The Sun also burped out another piece on Aria's grand opening tomorrow.

So stay tuned here tomorrow, as we prepare for the grand opening. I'll also be trying some time this month to make it back to City Center to look inside Aria (just as I did in Crystals) and get a more personal look at "the next big Vegas thing". :-)

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