Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CityCenter: Aria Opening TONIGHT!

UPDATED with video from The Sun! (9:45 PM)

OK, bitchez, back to the important news of tonight: CITY CENTER, CITY CENTER, CITY CENTER!!! Oh wait, I think I'm now supposed to say, "CityCenter". Whatever. You get what I'm saying.

Aria is opening tonight!

The centerpiece of an 8.5-billion-dollar complex intended to redefine the Las Vegas resort experience, opens Wednesday with a lavish private party and fireworks.

Thousands of tourists and Las Vegans are expected to pour into the Aria Hotel-Casino after celebrities, moguls and other VIPs mark the official completion of the most expensive private construction project in US history. [...]

"The buildings are done, the architecture's around us, the art is in place, the chefs are prepared, the staff has been highly trained," said Murren at a midday ceremony kicking off 12 hours of parties.

"The atmosphere inside is electric, it's palpable. The anticipation has been building in the last several days into a crescendo, in fact an aria."

Later, Murren rang the closing bell for the New York Stock Exchange via satellite from CityCenter, clanging a bell used for most of the major boxing matches in Las Vegas in recent decades.

President Barack Obama is tentatively scheduled to tour the complex on December 23 en route to his Christmas holiday in Hawaii. [...]

"We believe Las Vegas is a better place today because of CityCenter," Murren told the crowd. "People will find a new a reason to come and travel. People want to be on the road, aspire to a better day."

We'll see. At least for now, no one can deny the pent up anticipation for the crown jewel of CityCenter to finally be revealed to the world... TONIGHT! I know I can't wait to finally see it myself. By the way, I'm planning for that to be some time early next week. Stay tuned for that!

And in the mean time, please keep checking all night tonight for LIVE streaming tweets and video as Aria finally opens. Let's see this baby come online! :-D

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