Friday, December 11, 2009

Another, Um, "Advancement" for Women's & LGBTQ Equality in Nevada: Brothels Can Now Hire Guys, Too!

Figures. Only in Nevada can we see this!

Men may now join the ranks of Nevada’s brothel prostitutes, after a unanimous decision today that added language to health codes so male sex workers could be tested for infectious diseases. [...]

Men were previously barred in Nevada from the oldest profession because codes specified that prostitutes must undergo “cervical” testing for sexually transmitted diseases, which ruled out men.

Bobbi Davis, owner of the Shady Lady Ranch, a small brothel near Beatty, wanted to add male prostitutes to her stable of sex workers.

And while there have been plans for brothels to hire men in the past, Davis made the first-ever request to have the Nevada State Board of Health add urethral exams to the guidelines. That allows male sex workers to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Davis has said the men could start working at her five-bed brothel starting in the New Year. The male prostitutes will decide for themselves whether to accept male or female clients, she said, just as the female prostitutes do now.

Ironically George Flint, the former Assemblies of God minister who's now the chief lobbyist for the Nevada Brothel Owners Association, is kicking and screaming about it. He had threatened to derail this whole health code change to allow for male sex workers in the brothels, mainly because he didn't want his industry associated with "TEH GAYZ!!!!" But ultimately, Flint stood down and the Nevada State Board of Health unanimously approved the rule changes... Even though he was still whining about how this will somehow be a "Pearl Harbor" for Nevada's legal sex industry.

You know what I think about that?

Give me a break!

Nevada's sex industry is already looked upon with horror by all the other 49 states and DC. That's why we're still the only state with any kind of legal prostitution. So why should any one freak out over allowing the brothels to extend their "services" to both gay men and straight women? If we are to allow legal "sex for cash", why not open this to everyone regardless of gender/gender identity and sexual orientation?

By the way, "teh gay" has already been a part of Nevada brothels ever since the ladies started offering their "services" to other ladies several years ago.

Anyway, this day marks another step forward for LGBTQ equality in Nevada... Even if many in our community would rather not talk about it. The days of openly hostile misogyny and homophobia in our state's brothels are finally over, and the Shady Lady Ranch in Beatty and ACLU of Nevada are to be thanked for helping make this happen.

Honestly, it wasn't until very recently (basically, when I moved here) that I opened my mind and questioned my knee-jerk opposition to legal prostitution. As long as no one is hurt, no one is forced against one's will, and the health & well-being of both the customers and the workers is looked after, why not let it be? And fortunately starting in the new year, we'll see less discrimination in the brothels.

I can toast to that... Even if I'm not planning to be a "customer" at the brothels any time soon. ;-)

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