Monday, December 7, 2009

Nevada Judge to Us: "Oh Noezz, There's No Corruption Here"...

In case you haven't yet heard, "The Krook-licki Case" has been dismissed. At least it's dismissed without prejudice, so there's a chance one of those rare honest judges may allow prosecution at a later date. Judge Valerie Adair says she could not see how our wonderful Lt. Governor misappropriated our tax dollars when he was Treasurer, and Steve Sebelius isn't getting it.

Hmmm, let’s see if we can follow this logic chain: [Brian] Krolicki is a politician. Politicians ply their trade by advertising their good works. Advertising costs money. Money is notoriously hard to come by, requiring many hours of repetitive phone calls, fundraisers, etc. Krolicki used the powers of his office to take money that was supposed to be deposited into state accounts to instead be spent specifically on ads featuring himself. Those ads saved him millions that he’d otherwise have to have raised himself, or done without. All of which was done knowingly, willfully and intentionally in contravention of well-established state procedures, with which Krolicki was well-familiar.

Yes, it really is hard to see how Krolicki benefited himself in this scheme, huh? Judges still have to go to law school in Nevada, right? They didn’t change that rule while we were on vacation last week, did they?

Score another one for Nevada's craptastic judicial system! If you're a powerful politician, even a disgraced one like "Krook-licki", you can always get off scott free if you "know the right people".

Oh, and one more thought. The GOoPers are already claiming "vindication", but I just find their hypocrisy on Krook-licki's obvious (mis)use of state funds for his next campaign. Republicans whine and scream all the time over “government waste”, but how is it that they never complain when one of their own spends our tax dollars on his political campaign? The irony never ceases to amaze me.

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