Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's Been Happening While We Were Out

Here's a head start on what everyone will be talking about around the water cooler tomorrow morning:

- Surprise, surprise! Republicans care nothing about health care reform, and prefer to just do nothing while people get killed for profit. (LV Sun)

- Dina Titus is enthusiastically jumping on board the House Democrats’ Task Force on Job Creation, as she'd like to move on once health care reform is done and focus more on taking action to get more Nevadans back to work. (LV Sun)

- Las Vegas native Bill McBeath got his start with Steve Wynn, stuck with MGM Mirage, and is now in charge of Aria just as "the crown jewel of City Center" reveals itself to the world this week. (LVRJ)

- And speaking of The R-J, Progress Now's Journal Review has the latest on yet another incoherent Shermie anti-Reid rant... This time over the failed Senate "Stupid Stupak Amendment" and its attempt to enact draconian government/insurance company control over women's lives. (LV Journal Review)

- All of us in Southern Nevada may be obsessed with all things City Center, but Northern Nevada is also hoping to benefit from Las Vegas' newest mega-resort. (Reno G-J)

- Is Beatty even a town? A place? Anything? Right now it doesn't even exist (legally, even though it's obviously physically real), but Nye County will soon be fixing that "little 100 year old glitch". (LVRJ)

- And finally, The M Resort is celebrating the lighting of "America's Tallest Christmas Tree" the right way with a 12 day toy drive for needy kids. Yay! :-) (LV Sun)

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