Friday, December 4, 2009

Dawn's Story

The long awaited interview that everyone's been talking about is finally here. Yes, RGJ is now bringing out the full Dawn Gibbons interview.

I won't give away all the interesting tidbits in the interview, but I will share something with you that really struck me when I first read it:

On May 2, 2008, she was in Long Beach, Calif. at the movies with her son. She checked her cell phone.

“When we came out I had 27 messages from reporters,” asking her to comment on the divorce paperwork her husband had filed that day.

His suit demanded that she be removed from the mansion and that the proceedings of the couple’s divorce be sealed. She later successfully fought for the proceedings to be open.

“It’s not like I want my public life out there,” she says. “It is so embarrassing. But he’s the governor, and I am afraid if it’s not public I won’t be treated fairly.”

She says she has been hurt by charges that she is a squatter who refuses to leave the mansion. She says she has been portrayed as a bitter, scorned women.

A June 2008 People magazine article, titled “She Won’t Move Out,” characterized her as a crazy, jilted woman.

How sad. No really, how sad. Even in our supposedly "enlightened" present, we still seem to prefer blaming everything on the wife.

"She's crazy."

"She's a mean bitch."

"She made him do it."

"She was such a nag, no wonder why he wanted someone else".

Give me a break! Jimbo "Luv-Guv" cheated, and this is all somehow Dawn's fault? I don't get it.

And again, the level of Republican hypocrisy keeps rising to an all new high here. Remember back in 2006 when "Luv-Guv" Gibbons was telling us about how he was such a good "family man" and he could be trusted with our money much more than that evil "socialist Dina Taxes"?

Well, take a look at the Dawn Gibbons interview and then try to come back and tell me Jimbo wasn't full of it then.

No really, don't feel bad about putting that "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Titus" bumper sticker on your car.

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  1. One thing to bear in mind is that even if there had been no divorce, no texting, no alleged beating of a waitress, the Treppid allegations, Gibbons would still be the worst Governor Nevada has ever had. His policies alone, that is, his total lack of policy, beyond "no taxes," would condemn him to that stature.

    And we knew all about that from his Congressional career, too. The truly relevant bumper sticker would say: "Blame me: I voted for Gibbons." Unfortunately, those who should have that bumper sticker are simply moving on to another "no taxes" Republican. The only difference? A less tempestuous family life.