Thursday, December 10, 2009

In Case You Thought We Forgot... City Center!

Since I haven't gone psycho over City Center in a while, please indulge me. First, let's take a sneak preview of the new Cirque show opening at Aria:

Will it work? We'll see.

By the way, speaking of Aria, they redesigned the web site. "Remember to Breathe" is gone, and more information on the resort and casino is in. I guess we should have known by the ad campaign that this was coming.

Hunter at Rate Vegas recently had a chance to tour Aria and stay at Vdara. So far things look promising (at least looking at the Aria pics), but "the access problem" is looking real for Vdara. I guess since this is meant to be a "gateway to City Center", MGM Mirage didn't want to fill it up with too many shops and restaurants... But still no sundries shop even?

I guess we'll see what happens next at City Center. It seems they have some kinks to work out. But then again, any new Vegas casino does once it first opens. Let's see what's next.

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