Monday, December 14, 2009

Open Letter to Senator Reid: Just Dump Loserman & Pass Real Health Care Reform Already!

Is this true? Really? President Obama now wants Harry Reid to cave to "Holy Joe" Loserman? And he wants Reid to drop the very Medicare buy-in plan that Loserman himself supported just three months ago??!!

As Candidate Obama said just last year: ENOUGH!!!!

Senator Reid, you know a strong majority of Nevadans want real health care reform with a real public option. Right now, the Senate isn't even considering a strong public option. At this point, you're just trying to get most Senators to agree to any public option!

Senator, just do what the most Nevadans and most Americans want... And pass a health care bill with real reform! If that means "resorting to 'the r word'" to get it done, just get it done!

Senator Reid, just stop negotiating with Traitor Joe and move forward in passing real health care reform with a real public option. If this means reconciliation, so be it. If this means "the nuclear option" to abolish the filibuster, so be it.

You must certainly realize that your very political future depends on a good health care bill passing... And yes, it being "good" matters very much! You can make a real difference now, and probably secure your reelection next year, by delivering on health care reform with the public option and doing what's best for Nevada's working families.

If "Holy Joe" Loserman doesn't like the bill, too bad. Just get the job done, pass the bill, include a real public option that will be available to all who choose it as soon as possible, and you'll have my gratitude and full support.

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