Friday, December 11, 2009

Two Goodmans, Two Possibilities to Shake up Nevada Politics

Oh, joy. This should get everyone talking.

"I've always said that if I was going to run for governor I'm going to run as a non-partisan," said Goodman, who is currently a Democrat. "And I have until the end of the year in which to register as a non-partisan." [...]

"I feel the only way, in my own mind, I would be a good governor and a successful governor, is to try to do it the same way I'm a mayor," he said. "To keep politics out of it. To treat all people equally. To serve Nevada and Nevadans. I don't think I could do that as a member of a specific party. I think when you're a member of a specific party, you have certain loyalties and commitments to others in your party. If I want to be able to do what I do now when somebody comes to me for something, I would try to help them without asking them if they are an 'R' or a 'D.'"

Goodman said he hasn't formed a formal exploratory committee.

"I go to Costco. That's my exploratory committee," he said. "I'm out and about all the time. When people come up and they say, 'Mayor, you're doing a great job,' that's my exploratory committee. When they say, 'Mayor you stink,' that's my exploratory committee."

But wait... It gets better! Guess who may soon be looking to succeed "Mayor Oscar of Vegas". Hint: Her last name is also Goodman.

Now that she is set to give up the reins of the Meadows School, Carolyn Goodman is no longer saying she won’t run to succeed her husband as Las Vegas’ mayor.

In the past, she had always brushed off the idea by pointing out how dedicated and busy she was as president of the prestigious private school she founded a quarter-century ago. But this week she informed the school’s board and its more than 900 students’ families that her last day on the job will be July 1.

The announcement is being seen by some as an indication that Oscar Goodman does intend to run for governor next year or that Carolyn Goodman intends to run for mayor in 2011 — or both. [...]

But Carolyn Goodman said her husband has told her: “ ‘Everyone on my council is very wonderful and so capable, but they don’t have the passion for the pieces that I have. You’re the only one who understands all the pieces.’ ”

For whatever reason, Oscar Goodman seems intent on screwing up both parties' chances of taking the Governor's seat next year and shaking up state politics more to his own liking. Republican Brian Sandoval would be no match for "Hizzoner", and Rory Reid would no longer be able to count on Democrats to stick with him.

But now, Mayor Oscar may also try to keep his stronghold over Las Vegas alive by having Carolyn run to succeed him. While she's proven herself to be an independent woman to goes her own way, I have a hard time seeing her scrap her husband's redevelopment plans for Downtown.

This really takes the concept of "two for the price of one" to a whole new level!

Of course, it's looking more likely right now that we'll just see one or the other, Oscar running for Governor or Carolyn running for Mayor... But their almost simultaneous respective announcements now leaves the door open for both Goodmans to run for both offices. Just imagine it, double the legend, double the controversy, double the excitement, double the insanity.

I can see Jon Ralston getting giddy already...

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