Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get It Done? How About Get It Done RIGHT?

Mr. President seems pretty confident...

On the eve of today’s pivotal meeting of the Senate Democratic caucus at the White House, President Barack Obama expressed confidence that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would carry health care reform legislation to the finish line.

“He’s going to get it done,” said Obama, upbeat during brief remarks to the Las Vegas Sun during an event Monday night at the White House.

The president spoke confidently of Reid, and said he does not believe the majority leader is “getting enough credit for the courage he’s shown.”

Reid, he added, is “doing what’s right for the country.”

OK, so they want to "get it done"... But how will "getting it done" actually help most Nevadans in need of real health care choices? How will "getting it done" help keep more Americans healthy?

I'm not getting it... And at this point, I don't know if I want to "get it done" if it won't be done right.

No public option? No Medicare buy-in? No assurance that the insurance companies will stop bilking us? Thanks, but no thanks.

Before Democrats whittle away the whole point of this crap by weakening the bill any further, they need to remember why they started this quest for health care reform in the first place. And they need to remember who this person really is that is holding them hostage.

So as President Obama, Harry Reid, a few other top Democrats meet, they need to remember why they're there, who put them there in the first place, and what we the people (especially we the progressive Democratic people who worked our @sses off & emptied our wallets for them!) actually want to "get done".

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