Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Us to Gibbons: Present a Better Budget!

So our beloved Gube presented his f*cked up budget with more cuts and no revenue solutions... And ProgressNow Nevada is pissed! If you are, too, then join us in writing a letter to "The Luv-Guv".

If you need any inspiration, check out my letter below.

To Governor Gibbons,

Please reconsider these horrible draconian cuts to essential services that Nevadans depend upon. Our state will never fully recover from this recession if we don't properly invest in the best possible education and health care for all Nevadans. Our state also won't recover if we don't properly invest in the infrastructure needed to keep this state running.

Please, Governor, think for once about what's best for Nevada. We need tax reform, progressive tax reform, that lessens the burden on the working poor and middle-class while shoring up our state's finances. Without a broad-based business tax, we won't ever truly solve this budget crisis. And without changing the tax law to make the mining industry pay its fair share for taking advantage of our state's natural resources, we won't ever have the money to pay for the essential services needed in Nevada.

So please, Governor Gibbons, rethink your approach to the budget and develop a fairer budget that enhances revenue while protecting the services that Nevadans depend upon.

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