Friday, December 4, 2009

City Center: Inside Crystals, Inside Vdara, Mandarin Oriental Opens Today

So far, so good? Crystals is opening, shops will soon fill up the mall, and Strip watchers are feeling bullish about December tourism. Yes, we have even more City Center news!

Stiffs & Georges gives us what may be the best casino commercial ever. No really, it is. Honestly, the ad is pretty abstract in that you see random people in various locations making hand movements... But it doesn't take you too long to figure out what they're describing with their hands when the ad starts to reveal design elements of Aria. "Joe Sixpack" may not be intrigued by City Center's first major ad buy upon opening, but it should work well for its target audience of international jetsetters.

Mandarin Oriental, meanwhile, is next to open today. This will be the "creme de la creme de la creme", as the luxury here will be even far and above the rest of City Center! Expect room rates at Mandarin Oriental to START at around $300 per night for a 500 square foot room.

And after this weekend, we'll actually be able to catch our breath... Which will be nice, since Aria wants us to "remember to breathe". The crown jewel and centerpiece of City Center, as well as the only hotel there with a casino, will open on the 16th.

Oh, and remember Vdara? I do. It may now seem like "old news" with the barrage of Crystals, Mandarin Oriental, and Aria stories coming at us, but Rob at wanted to make sure we have a first glimpse of the actual "suites" at Vdara. They look pretty roomy, and the design is pretty groovy. Just don't expect much convenience in the form of being close to basics like food, sundries, and gambling. Isn't there supposed to be tram service starting soon?

Oh well, another day, another chance to be awestruck at everything City Center. :-)

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