Thursday, June 3, 2010

NV-Sen: Suzy Lowdown Campaign Pre-Mortem?

Is Suzy Lowdown's campaign really circling the drain? If we're to believe Suffolk University's polling outfit (via Political Wire), apparently so.

A new Suffolk University poll in Nevada shows Sharron Angle (R) leading the Republican primary for U.S. Senate with 33%, followed by Danny Tarkanian (R) at 26% and Sue Lowden (R) at 25%.

Along with a recent PPP survey, this is a the second poll to show Angle is now the frontrunner heading into the primary.

Well, it certainly helps to have "Tea Party, Inc." spend its big bucks propping up Angle's campaign...

And knocking down Suzy Lowdown...

But Ms. Suzy doesn't want to say the obvious. Why? Oh, that might offend those precious teabaggers Suzy Lowdown was hoping would jump on board her "donated RV". But now, they're all fleeing her hot mess of a "campaign" to jump aboard Koch Indistries' Dick Armey's FreedomWorks corporate astroturf campaign's Tea Party Express' preferred fruit-loopy extremist crazy train.

No, instead she's trying to blame Harry Reid.

Robert Uithoven, campaign manager for Lowden, said Democrats’ claims of neutrality in the Republican primary are “completely inconsistent with (Reid’s) actions and those of his political allies.”

Reid is trying to backpedal because Lowden has used his attacks to boost her campaign, he said.

“They haven’t been neutral all along,” Uithoven said. “They realized a little accidental honesty has been hurting them, by making the case Sue Lowden was the candidate he feared. So now he has a new set of talking points they’re rushing out there.”

But wait, whatever happened to that "conservative value" that is personal responsibility? Did Suzy Lowdown and Bobby Uithoven miss that day's lesson in "GOoP Talking Points 101"? How is Ms. Suzy pulling herself up by her own bootstraps when she wants Harry Reid to tie them for her?

See how ridiculous they really sound? Again, Suzy Lowdown refuses to acknowledge that her crazy words wrecked her own campaign. And instead of realizing that the teabaggers are abandoning her in droves to go for "real deal" Obtuse Angle, she'd rather just try one more "Hail Mary Pass" to save her rapidly collapsing campaign by blaming it all on Harry Reid.

Oh, and by the way, so much for Suzy's argument that she's so "electable"... Markos for the final blow?

Just got results from Nevada. Angle has taken significant lead in GOP primary. Reid beats all GOPers in GE matchups.

Bye bye, Suzy Lowdown. It was nice knowing you.

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