Monday, June 21, 2010

Extreme Sharrontology

Just as the Sharrontology Obtuse Angle "No Really, She's Sane and Likable!" Tour looked to pull off a coup of pulling the wool over all our eyes, this happens...

And we're all reminded of why she's so afraid of us looking into her record. But wait, there's more! Desert Beacon caught something yesterday, yet another endorsement that Sharrontology doesn't want us to investigate.

An organization calling itself Vision to America sent out a recent fundraising appeal sponsored by U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) on behalf of Nevada Republican senatorial candidate Sharron Angle. [link] "I have put together a plan to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Nevada Senate race — along with several others like it — to achieve conservative victory. This plan includes running statewide television and radio ads, sending direct mail to targeted voters, and operating phone banks — all geared toward defeating Harry Reid in November."

What is American Vision, and why do they love Sharron Angle? American Vision has a goal: "The goal is to return America to its Biblical foundations “from Genesis to Revelation” (a postmillennial reading of Revelation, which holds that the Second Coming will occur after an era of Christian dominance). American Vision is a non-profit, tax exempt, educational organization. Like many of these groups, DeMar also has a companion organization that can raise money and promote candidates for elected office: Vision to America." [Alternet]

The Vision America website clearly shows its connections to the Patriot Pastors. They also appear to be quite disturbed by a photograph of President Obama removing his shoes before entering a mosque. The implication could be intended that the President (formerly castigated as a radical Christian) just might be a muslim? And, their "Mandate To Save America" reads like a wish list of ultra-right wing political talking points. The organization that have signed on to this statement includes the American Family Association, Concerned Women of America, and the Beverly LaHaye Institute. A right wing candidate given the support of a right wing Senator and the use of a radical right wing Christianist fundraising effort shouldn't be surprising, but there is more to this story.

So wait, who are these folks at American Vision? And what has Gary DeMar, the founder of American Vision, actually said? Oh, they just want me dead. Yes, you heard me right... THEY WANT ME DEAD!

"The Bible is clear on moral issues that are culture-killers: homosexuality, homosexual marriage, and abortion," says DeMar, who is closely allied with D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, where he frequently speaks.

While DeMar insists that homosexuals wouldn't be rounded up and systematically executed under a "reconstructed" government, he does believe that the occasional execution of "sodomites" would serve society well, because "the law that requires the death penalty for homosexual acts effectively drives the perversion of homosexuality underground, back into the closet."

Another "long-term goal," he writes elsewhere, should be "the execution of abortionists and parents who hire them."

DeMar is also down on anti-poverty programs. "Nowhere in the Bible is civil government given authority to help the poor by raising taxes on the rich," he insists in the American Vision Web site essay. "In fact, as history shows, the 'war on poverty' became the war on the poor."

DeMar is tightly linked to other Reconstructionists, including Gary North, with whom he co-authored Christian Reconstruction: What It Is, What It Isn't.

In 1993, American Vision helped county commissioners in Cobb County, Ga., pass an anti-gay resolution so strongly worded that it sparked a national controversy. Cobb County Commissioner Gordon Wysong spoke at American Vision's annual fundraising banquet the following year, saying of gay people, "We should blame them for every social failure in America."

Hear that? According to Sharrontology Obtuse Angle's new BFFs at American Vision, all of us queer folk are to blame for every social failure in America. And I am to be executed for being gay. And if you know someone who works in health care and has had to deal with abortion patients, he/she is also to be put to death.

Imagine if Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale were to cross the realm of fiction to become reality? This is the Amerika the religious right extremists envision, and these are the folks Sharrontology is now taking blood money from.

And you think that's bad? It gets worse! American Vision also hates public education, even going so far to say that higher education leads to totalitarianism.

Not to mention, American Vision also hates the Civil Rights Act, equal rights for minorities, women's equality, and just about everyone who doesn't subscribe to their type of radical right Christian fundamentalism.

Hey Steve Sebelius, I think I've figured out why Sharrontology wants to bring back alcohol prohibition!

So just to sum it all up, Sharrontology is now palling around with the extreme religious right "Christian Reconstructionists", folks who want to turn back the clock on everything from women's rights to LGBTQ equality to civil rights to public education and the social safety net. By the way, I'm sure these folks also disapprove of the way most of us make a living here in Nevada. So why again did the Nevada GOoP let her get the nomination? And why would we the voters even consider sending someone like this backed by extremists like these to the US Senate?

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